About Us

About Us

Yext is in our DNA

Yext Is In Our DNA

After years of working with world-class brands to help make the most out of Yext, we noticed a trend: partners lacked the knowledge, focus, and experience of working with the Yext Platform and the unique problems it solves. Enter Arc4, we sought to create a better experience for Yext clients and their customers by solely focusing on Yext and its connected ecosystem.

Founded and staffed by former Yexters, Arc4 allows your teams to get the most out of the Yext platform and drive maximum value out of your technology investments.


Specializing on the Yext Platform


Over 15+ Years of Yext Experience


Focused on Achieving Your Goals

Leadership Team

Greg Phillips


Holden Ottolini

Head of Delivery

Bill Loumpouridis

Founding Partner

Fully Global, Fully Remote

As a fully remote team, Arc4 is made up globally of Designers, Developers, Strategists, and SEO Experts. Although our team is diverse, we share one thing in common; Yext Expertise.

Comprised of former Yexters, we have experience working across all industries and use cases for the world’s biggest brands.

Arc4 is a Certified Yext Partner

Our team of Yext HitchHikers are solely focused on helping you drive the most value from the Yext DXP.

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