Integration Library

Integration Library

Seamlessly integrate your existing tech stack and make the most out of the Yext Platform.

  • Adobe

    Content Management, Data and Analytics

    Whether it’s connecting your deploying and connecting your analytics, incorporating A/B testing and personalization or integrating your content from AEM and the Adobe Suite of products Arc4 can build a connected experience between Yext and Adobe to maximize your tech investments.

  • Databricks

    Data and Analytics

    Leverage your Databricks Lakehouse Platform to push and pull information between Yext Content and Databricks. Common use cases include sharing your Yext Data from 3rd Party Sources into Databricks, enhancing your search experiences, sharing analytics in a central platform.

  • Google Analytics

    Data and Analytics

    Integrate your Yext data directly into Google Analytics through prebuilt and custom integrations. Our team can ensure that any Arc4 built experience is fully tracked in your GA instance and connect Yext specific data directly to your Google instance for all data in a single area to measure and report.

  • Salesforce

    Content Management, Customer Support, Data and Analytics

    Unlock the power of seamless integration with Arc4’s custom-built solutions, bridging Yext and Salesforce across multiple clouds. Elevate your business operations, from Sales and Marketing to Service and Community Engagement, with real-time, location-specific insights. Harness Yext’s dynamic business data to supercharge your Salesforce ecosystem, enabling personalized marketing campaigns, lead enrichment, localized support, and more. Arc4’s tailored integrations empower you to create exceptional customer experiences, delivering hyper-targeted content and services that drive growth and customer loyalty.

  • SAP Successfactors

    Content Management, Recruiting

    Integrate your Yext experience directly with SAP SuccessFactors. Pull in relevant job and HR information at the local level and utilize on Arc4 built localized pages and search. Leverage Yext data for rich search and chat experiences for your employees and internal teams.

  • SiteCore

    Content Management, Data and Analytics

    Experience the future of digital engagement with Arc4’s custom integrations, seamlessly connecting Yext and Sitecore. Elevate your digital presence and customer interactions with powerful solutions that combine Yext’s real-time business data management with Sitecore’s leading content management and customer experience platform. Unlock the potential for hyper-localized content, personalized customer journeys, and data-driven insights. Arc4’s tailored integrations empower your brand to deliver exceptional experiences, whether it’s in web content, e-commerce, or customer support.

  • Snowflake

    Data and Analytics

    Unlock the full potential of your platforms with a custom built integration between Snowflake and Yext built by Arc4. Our team can build solutions to effortlessly centralize and analyze online performance and customer interaction data. From enhanced reporting and to competitive analysis and predictive insights to make data-driven decisions seamlessly.

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