Effortless Discovery Advanced Locator Solutions

Powerful locators designed to seamlessly guide users to their desired destinations, whether it’s locations, products, professionals, physicians, or booking their next appointment. Enriched with state-of-the-art natural language search functionalities, our locators empower users to interact in a way that feels intuitive and easy to allow for better conversion rates.

Dynamic map features bring your location data to life while custom facets and filters allow your users to fine-tune to their needs. All locators are optimized for mobile, web, and app environments, ensuring a consistent and responsive experience across platforms.

Benefits of Arc4’s Locators:

Store Locators: Guiding Users to Nearby Stores Seamlessly

Our store locators redefine convenience. Utilizing cutting-edge geolocation capabilities, users effortlessly locate the nearest store. Real-time updates on store hours ensure accurate information at the moment of intent. Enhance user experiences further by enabling searches based on amenities, departments, and store types, making every visit a personalized journey.

Professionals: Connecting Users with the Perfect Expert

Discover the ideal professional effortlessly with our specialized locator. Users can refine searches based on location, specialty, languages spoken, and accreditations, among other criteria. Our natural language search functionality takes efficiency a step further, allowing users to find the right expert without a time-consuming hunt. Whether seeking insurance professionals, financial advisors, attorneys, or any other expert, we’ve got you covered. Seamlessly integrate with existing appointment solutions to streamline lead collection and appointment scheduling.

Physicians: Precision in Finding the Right Healthcare Professional

Navigate the world of healthcare seamlessly with our robust “Find a Doc” solutions. Our system expertly handles complex integrations with existing credentialing and internal systems. Customize the taxonomy or bring your own, and effortlessly connect patients with the perfect physician. Users can filter results by specialty, network preferences, insurance requirements, and more. Our solution easily associates physicians with facilities, accommodates physicians at multiple offices, and simplifies the patient’s healthcare journey.

Product Locators: Simplifying Product Discovery

Elevate product discovery with our intuitive product locators. Seamlessly integrated with your product catalog, users can swiftly locate products based on inventory availability and location. Our solution can handle complex scenarios, including extensive catalogs, region-specific pricing, contracted pricing, and more. Uncomplicate the product search process for your users and enhance their shopping experiences.

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