Integrations and Connectors

Integrations and Connectors

Experts in crafting seamless integrations, regardless of complexity.

At Arc4, we recognize that structured and clean data serves as the cornerstone for successful integration. Our commitment is to refine and organize your data to precision before embarking on the integration journey. By harnessing the power of the Yext Connector Framework, we are dedicated to amplifying returns on your existing technology investments. Our mission is to ensure that your integrations not only function flawlessly but also maximize your ROI, making your technological investments work smarter and harder for your business.

Our Types of Integration Work

Directory Accelerators

Push & Pull Connectors

Multiple Data Sources & Content Types

FTP Connectors


Pre-Built Integration Enhancement

End-To-End Automation

Data Discovery Sessions:

Our experienced consultants kick off the process by engaging in a collaborative datamapping session. This step helps us gain a deep understanding of your existing infrastructure and specific data needs.

Tailored Architecture Design:

Next, we craft a custom architecture recommendation tailored to your unique requirements. Our experts create a solid foundation for integration by designing custom mappings that ensure your data flows seamlessly.

Hands-On Integration:

Throughout the integration phase, our dedicated team collaborates closely with your own IT experts. Together, we verify and fine-tune every aspect, ensuring accuracy and alignment with your objectives.

Rigorous Quality Assurance:

Our integration process includes an exhaustive quality assurance phase. We employ the specialized Arc4 QA Check System to meticulously test and validate every facet of the integration, leaving no room for errors.

Continuous Monitoring and Support:

Even after integration, we remain vigilant. Our audit logging and regular check-ins enable us to proactively monitor your integrations. This constant oversight ensures we swiftly address data changes, updates, and maintain a healthy integration status.

Our straightforward integration process streamlines connections between your systems, making complex tech solutions accessible and efficient for all users.

Our Expertise:

We’ve successfully navigated the intricate landscapes of renowned platforms like Salesforce, Adobe, ServiceNow, Shopify, and SharePoint. Our unparalleled experience empowers us to craft tailor-made solutions that bridge diverse technologies, unlocking unprecedented efficiency and data cohesion. Explore our extensive Integration Library to witness the tangible impact of our work and envision the possibilities for your own integration needs. Discover our Integration Library and embark on a journey of transformation.

Integration Sources

No matter the system, our team can connect it. View our Connector Library for some of our most popular integrations.

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