Content Management

Content Management

Empower Your Projects with Optimized Content Management Solutions

Our dedicated team of experts focuses on architecting, integrating, and configuring your data within the Yext Content (Knowledge Graph) solution.

Seamlessly align your existing technologies and harness the potential of your data on a significant scale, all while leveraging cutting-edge AI and meticulous structural organization. Discover how Arc4’s capabilities establish the bedrock for your projects, optimizing efficiency and impact.

Content Management: Crafting Custom Schema and Access Controls

Elevate your content management through tailored solutions. Our experts excel in content modeling, sculpting custom schemas, templates, language types, and access controls. This precision ensures your content is organized, accessible, and aligned with your unique needs.

Data Modeling: Building Scalable Relational Architectures

Forge a solid foundation for growth with our adept data modeling services. We create and structure entities, designing relational architectures that facilitate seamless scalability. Experience a content infrastructure that evolves as your needs expand.

AI Driven Content Generation: Amplifying Content Strategy

Unleash the potential of AI-driven content generation with our setup and management expertise. Automate new content creation and enhance existing strategies, harnessing AI to craft content that resonates and engages your audience.

Digital Asset Management: Structuring Assets for Scale

Optimize your content ecosystem with our comprehensive digital asset management (DAM) solutions. We craft DAM systems that streamline the utilization of images, videos, files, and more, ensuring seamless scalability and reusability.

Content Integrations: Bridging Data with Yext Knowledge Graph

Effortlessly blend your existing data with the Yext Knowledge Graph system. Our team specializes in setting up APIs, webhooks, connectors, and custom integrations. Transform your data into a cohesive, comprehensive resource within the Yext environment.

Each of these services underscores Arc4’s commitment to creating an efficient, organized, and impactful content management framework, tailored to your specific needs.

It All Starts With Structure.

From full websites to portals and microsites, our team builds it all. At it’s foundation sits Yext’s Content Knowledge Graph.

Our team of experts specializes in taking your data from any source and structuring that information for scale. From complex product hierarchies to multiple data sources, our team will configure and structure your information into an easy configurable solution that can be used to power amazing experiences.

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