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SEO Optimized Local Facility Pages

Facility Pages are your secret weapon for dominating local searches. Jam-packed with essential information such as hours of operation, services offered, and easy appointment booking calls-to-action, these pages are deeply integrated with your scheduling and provider systems. Elevate your online visibility and be the top choice for prospective clients seeking localized services.

Facility Service Pages

SEO-optimized landing pages designed to rank for your top services offered at your facilities. Provide your potential patients with rich experiences that showcase everything from service offerings to physician details, insurance options, and scheduling information. It’s all managed automatically and at scale, ensuring a seamless user experience.



Our Physician Pages take the patient experience to the next level. Leveraging Yext’s cutting-edge CMS platform, these rich pages highlight your physicians’ relevant experience, specialties, credentials, insurance coverage, and scheduling information. Make your physicians the stars of the show and enhance the patient journey.


Discover our feature-rich Find-A-Doc solutions, powered by the latest algorithms and AI technology. Patients can effortlessly find the ideal physician or specialist in their area, tailored to their specific criteria. Reduce call volume and eliminate customer confusion, all while delivering an exceptional patient experience.

Site Search

Our AI-driven Site Search is like having your own virtual Google. Get ready for a rich search experience that provides direct answers and includes embedded scheduling features. It covers every aspect of the patient journey, from initial research to appointment scheduling and post-visit support. Enjoy an effortless and comprehensive patient experience with Site Search.


We specialize in crafting tailor-made integrations for your healthcare systems. Whether it’s scheduling, practice management, CMS or internal homegrown systems, we have the expertise to seamlessly connect your data, streamline operations, and enhance patient care. Let us customize the perfect solution for your healthcare ecosystem, making your processes smoother, faster, and more efficient.

All Built on Yext’s Open Platform

Arc4 optimizes experiences with Yext’s high performance headless and purpose built architecture that allows your brand to scale seamlessly and win more customers.

From purpose built physician, facility, and insurance content management, prebuilt integrations, feature-rich, flexible interfaces with fully integrated capabilities for your Healthcare technology stack.

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