Are your local pages driving enough traffic to your stores? Are they optimized to rank for the terms your brand is known for? Most importantly: are they designed to convert online traffic into customers?

If not, then you may be leaving revenue on the table.

As a multi-location brand, optimizing your local landing pages can elevate how potential customers find you on search and they can determine whether customers decide to take action when they visit your site. Oftentimes local landing pages are built with the intention of keeping them up-to-date with the latest local offers, local content, and optimized user experience. But with competing digital marketing initiatives, the reality is that optimizing local landing pages often sit on the backburner, despite being one of the most relevant conversion tools multi-location brands have.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Local Landing Pages

As you evaluate your upcoming marketing priorities, consider these reasons why optimizing your local landing pages could help you reach more customers and drive more action to your storefronts.

1. Location-specific content matters (to Google and customers).

When a prospective customer searches for your brand or the services and products you offer, Google often takes prioritizes localized “Near Me” related content. By offering SEO-optimized landing pages you can attract and gain more traffic at the local level.

This often results in a massive increase in traffic that converts both instore and online.

Your pages can increase online conversions and in-store visits by including the same content on your main website and localizing it to be relevant for users looking near them. And now, thanks to AI, creating and publishing localized content at scale is easier than ever.

2. Google cares about user experience.

If your local landing pages aren’t lightning fast and highly responsive, they may be at risk for ranking lower in search. Google prioritizes showing highly responsive, fast loading and SEO-optimized local pages to searchers.

3. Your customers will convert if they see a CTA tailored to their immediate need.

Once visitors land on your local landing pages, they’re more likely to convert if they see a relevant-to-them CTA. Whether you want to drive customers to book appointments, shop online, place orders, or even sign up for loyalty programs, your local landing page needs to offer CTAs that resonate.

How Arc4 Can Help

As you determine whether it’s time to optimize your local landing pages, consider bringing on expert help. Our team of Yext experts can help elevate your online presence. Our dedicated experts can help you implement the latest SEO best practices onto your local pages, strategize which integrations to include to drive conversions, and enable local-level management that empowers store managers to keep their storefront pages relevant.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Arc4 can help you with your local landing pages, get in touch! We’d love to provide a consultation that explores the best path forward for your multi-location brand. Book a consultation today.